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One of many blogs promoting plus size style, fashion, and most importantly love. I will also include any fashion I love plus size or not ;)
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So today I made my first ever television debut. I spoke about my blog and recent feature in People Stylewatch Mag at a local news station (clip here). Of course my first thought when I was asked to come was — what am I going to wear?! I wanted to look sophisticated, sporty, edgy, yet girly at the same time. So I went to my best friend (the internet) and found this amazing skirt at ASOS.

The grid print, also known as “windowpane,” is a classic yet refreshing graphic. You can easily pull this print off for anything; at the officeor easily transition it for a night out.

If you’re a little over stripes and plaid this may be your next obsession.


  • Sheer Midi: ASOS
  • White Crop: ASOS
  • Black Shopper: Zara
  • Black Leather/Metal Pumps: Steve Madden



Check out today’s super cute 50’s themed wedding on the @Blackbride blog, captured by @La_Photographie! http://ow.ly/zjEHL

Those brides maids dresses are everything!

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but where is the lie?! lol

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just realized i haven’t posted my last few outfits to tumblr…so here they are! more details/links to buy on gabifresh.com 

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